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2 Str8 Men Kissing at Chic-Fil-A

Unfortunately I didn't get a girl to make out with me on "National Same-Sex Kiss Day" but this video makes up for it. I saw a tweet by HuffPostGay mentioning the video and I had to check it out. Yeah, this guy (Skyler Stone) looks familiar; I seen him in House Broken and Hostel 3. He supports the gays but he's torn because he likes Chic-Fil-A, so he compromised and got his friend Mike Smith to make out with him at the restaurant. Now, I like girls but after watching this video, I developed a crush on Skyler Stone.   



GLEE Season 3 Comes Out 8/14/12

I've never been hit with a slushie but with it being so hot this summer, these week alone, a slushie to the face actually sounds good. Now for some refreshing news, this Tuesday, Season 3 of glee comes out on DVD. 

Glee: The Complete Third Season comes to DVD and Blu-ray August 14! 
Season Three of the electrifying, award-winning series finds the Gleeks headed for the Nationals – and graduation! As younger members join New Directions, others are about to begin exciting, if uncertain, lives outside it. Featuring some of television’s most enthralling song and dance numbers, including memorable hits from the legendary Michael Jackson, Glee continues to earn its place in the hearts of viewers around the world. (source)

Bonus Features:
**Glee Under the Stars
**Glee Music Jukebox
**Santana's "Santa Baby" Music Video
**Glee Music Jukebox
**Glee Give a Note
**Glee Music Jukebox
**Welcome to the Class
**Making the Finale, “Saying Goodbye”
**Sue Addresses Her Fans
**More Sue's Quips
**Glee Music Jukebox

How about celebrating with some GLEEK snacks?