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Merry Christmas To All

And HAPPY HOLIDAYS to everybody! I hope everybody has a gleeful Christmas. Here is a Christmas photo of me & my nieces in the early '80s.
(Judy, Desiree, Stef, & Denise)

I'm spending the holidays with my family at my house. We've been listening to "Baby, It's Cold Outside" on repeat and I wanted to share it. We are having a traditional Mexican Christmas dinner with tamales and posole. The kids are baking and we're listening to holiday music. We're going to watch the glee christmas episode & later 12 Men of Christmas with Kristen Chenoweth.


Lil Drummer Boy

Season Greetings!
Here is a little cartoon musical treat from 2 amazing actors/musicians/comedians - Jack Black & Jason Segal:


Thank You

"....BUT NO. I will live my life just as I will undoubtedly die - ALONE."

Morrissey always comforts me and I've been listening to Moz along with tons of other music because I'm updating my itunes library. I have wild mood swings and this Lily Allen song best interprets the way I feel right now. Thank You is the radio version but I really want to say, "F - U VERY MUCH!"

"Look inside, look inside your tiny mind, then look a bit harder, cause we're so uninspired, so sick and tired, of all the hatred you harbour. So you say it's not ok to be gay, well I think you're just evil."


H - A - double "L" - O - W - double "E" - N

...spells HALLOWEEN!

They played that song every year at my school's Halloween parade.


Dammit Janet

Damn it Janet! I'm going to have to wait 1 week to see The Rocky Horror GLEE Show. It's okay because it will give me a little more time to get my outfit together for next Tuesday. I'll be decked out as a Transylvanian (rocky groupie) for a glee viewing party. This episode is going to be a gleeky Halloween treat.

If you want to dress up for the occasion, or for future RHPS screenings, check out this page devoted to the costumes of Rocky.

ROCK(y) out:



L.A. has a gLee viewing party every Tuesday in downtown at First & Hope. I was excited to find out that there was a viewing party for my favorite show and close to home too. I was surprised that more people didn't know about this and I promised to spread the word.

They had "school lunchtrays" for dinner and an awesome drink called, "Loser Slushie." Of course I had to get a couple those.

The Fedora Lounge is a lovely environment for watching glee; great sound system, comfortable seats, complimentary "after school snacks" and glee songs playing during commercial breaks. After the episode, the gleeks hung around to play the new GLEE game.

First & Hope is gleek sheik.


Where TRUE COLORS are shown

I remember when I went to my first Models of Pride event in High School. Thinking about how long ago only makes me feel older but those were fond memories. There was a group of us gay youth and a friend of ours went to a continuation school for the LGBT and he invited us.

Now, back in the day, we didn't have social networks or tweets to keep us in the loop; everything was word-of-mouth and our school didn't have a Project 10, so to find out about an event with other gay teens was an exciting thing. Other than each other, we really didn't know many gay people, so we all were looking forward to going.

It was the first time I felt free and comfortable in an openly gay environment. It was a mini gay conference. We received a folder with the different work shops and times of speakers and entertainment. I saw my first lesbian comic there, I wish I could remember her name. The night ended with a dance and I actually slow-danced with another girl for the first time.

We weren't alone. There were so many people there. It helped give me the courage to come out. Well, I didn't right away, I was 16yrs old and still very much in the closet, but it gave me a sense of hope. That following semester, I came out to my classroom during a speech on freedom of speech. A few days later I helped organize a Project 10 at my high school.

I'm over the age limit to attend as a youth but I'm honestly thinking of getting involved more in the community, whether it's volunteering for M.O.P. or something in the same field. I just want to help out. If you know any gay youth (12-24 yrs old), inform them of this yearly conference.

I really wish I could have attended this year's conference (today) because the entertainment is provided by Adam Shankman which I'm positive it's going to be awesome and I think there might even be a gleeky surprise. I work this weekend, so I'll have to hear the tweets & see the photos of the event after the fact. If you are in the Eagle Rock area, you should try and swing by Occidental College.


Claire's Glee Premiere Party

I finally had time to catch up on my photo uploads. I made a little video of my gleek experience on 9/21 for the Claire's Gleek Season 2 Premiere Party at the Glendale Galleria.

Thanks again to Claire's for giving me the opportunity to attend. I had a blast!



You're My Diamond Girl

I am in love with Marina Lambrini Diamandis! She is beautiful, adorable, creative, unique, & an amazing singer! Thanks to a cool friend for introducing her music to me and inviting me to her L.A. show. She started the set with my favorite song:

The concert was very entertaining! Marina & The Diamonds gave a great performance! I didn't want the night to end. The "security staff workers" were really rude! I can go on about details but they're not worth it and after waiting outside for an hour, I was able to meet Marina and she was so sweet. I'm such a nerd when I'm an obsessed fan, I gave her my cheesy blinking red light ring the tie I made.

For more photos from the concert, check out my flickr set and in the near future check out youtube.com/TGIblog for more clips from the show.

Listen to Marina & The Diamonds: BECAUSE WE MUST!


Glee (McKinley High)

I'm so happy that season 2 of Glee will be starting in 1 week. There were a lot of gleek events this summer but I wasn't able to attend them all because of work. I did catch Jane Lynch at 2 outfest events and they were awesome! Just being in her presence was amazing. I've yet to see the Sue wax figure in Hollywood but I'll try to make it out there soon.

I was stalking McKinley High, thanks to the heads up by I AM NOT A STALKER . COM this past spring and I wanted to share a little video I made. Check it out!

Claire's is full of glee with their glee accessories & glee pop-ups. You still have time to "roam the halls of McKinley High" at pop-up locations.



Desserts & Liquor

I was invited to a screening of a double feature of Showtime shows THE BIG C & WEEDS. Thanks to Outfest & Power Up, I received emails from both of them; I RSVP'd and went with friends & family.

It was great seeing the shows on a big screen, Directors Guild of America. I've always been a fan of Weeds so I was excited for the new season. The new series The Big C stole my heart; I instantly fell in love!

After the screening, there was an after party in the lobby of DGA. The theme was, "
Desserts & Liquor", taken from a line from the new series. Indeed, that's what the party was. Cool promotional candy bars, cupcakes & alcohol. I love when there's an open bar. Absolut & Stella Artois. They had specialty drinks: The Lit (lemon drop) & The Big C (cosmo). They had a cool weeds display of brownies.

It was a great night! I'm looking forward to the rest of the season.

Watch Showtime: BECAUSE WE MUST!



Stars was amazing, as always! The set was great starting off with the new album, then throwing in a mixture of stars classics. After the show, my friend Angel & I hung around, being dorky fans. I made a stars tie especially for the show but it was rushed and didn't come out as great as I hoped. I tried to fix the logo by adding white paint around it. The band still liked the tie and I ended up giving it to Torquil =). He's awesome!




Season 4 of Mad Men premieres on July 25th.

I'm excited about this season, especially since they rehired JOAN. I just MadMen'D myself. Here I am hanging out at the Steerling Cooper office, next to my girlfriend Joan. Don doesn't look too happy, maybe it's because I'm holding a soda and not a martini.



Stars Shine Brighter Than Ever

Stars played a couple of nights in Los Angeles to promote their new album The Five Ghosts.They were AMAZING! I've been listening to the new album non-stop! It's wonderful. There's so much more that needs to be said about the show but I'm going to wait until I upload the photos & videos. The good news is that they are returning to L.A. in November at The Wiltern and I'm looking forward to that. This time around I hope more friends get to see them, since they didn't get tickets due to selling out.



Oh Sookie!

I barely subscribed to HBO this week. I've been a subscriber to Showtime ever since The L Word started and just stuck with that. My friend Angel and my Brother were always raving about TRUE BLOOD but I hadn't seen it yet. Last Sunday we were at my house watching the Tony Awards and all of a sudden my brother got up quickly and excitedly said he had to hurry up and go home to watch the season premiere of TB.

The following day I kept hearing exciting headlines and status updates/comments praising the show's season premiere. I wanted to see it! I anxiously wanted to sink my teeth in! My brother said he was going to lend me the first season but Angel also had it and he and a few friends ended up coming over that Monday and we started our TB marathon. Needless to say, I was sucked in.
I quickly liked the show on facebook, followed their tweets & requested their friendship on myspace. Wednesday night, Angel came over and we continued the first season. We drank beers, though we wish it was Tru:Blood, and finished the season around sunrise. Bobby came over at 4am; he was a trooper because he was graduating later that evening. Late Thursday afternoon I woke up, re-watched episode 12 (to refresh my memory because I had a morning buzz), called Time Warner and ordered HBO. We saw the Laker game and then started the second season. Now, I'm almost done with the season and soon I'll be up to date.
I'm in love with my new obsession and thanks to Angel, I'm a Fang Banger. I now understand what everybody's been lusting over. I can't believe it took me this long to join the Fang Wagon. Also, I think it's so awesome that they film FANGTASIA at Alex's Bar. Alex's bar is dead on! Whoever did the scouting for that location totally nailed it; it suits this fictitious vampire bar for the series. I totally want to stalk all the filming locations.

You have to check out SNOOP's new song!!!

"Oh Sookie, do it in the daytime with the D-O-double G..."

Snoop Dogg - "Oh Sookie"



Vote NOW (Or Never) For Bridget McManus

Bridget McManus is the sweetest, funniest person ever! She needs our help by VOTING for her. Okay, I didn't mean the "never" part but I titled it that way because that's the name of her show: Now Or Never With Bridget McManus. Guess what? We're going to help her get her own show by VOTING for her on Oprah.com and telling all of our friends too.

Just click this
link and you can view Bridget's audition video and VOTE! Ever since I saw the title of the show, I can't get Elvis Presley's It's Now or Never song out of my head. That would be awesome if Bridget covered that song because she has a lovely singing voice.

I actually read the entire "Voting Rules" section and you can VOTE more than once. So please VOTE as often as you can, tell your friends & family, post it on your
FaceBook, Twitter & MySpace, and tell everybody else to do the same. Team Work!

It doesn't say how many times, per day, you can vote but if you love Bridget as much as I do, as Prince would say, "Let's Go Crazy!"


Taken from Oprah.com's FAQs:
How often can I vote?
You can vote as often as you like. We have installed software monitors to prevent robot voting or unexplained spikes in vote activity.


Dream On Gleek!

I want to thank We Heart Music for giving me a chance to review the Glee - Dream On EP. My reflex are a little slow and I wasn't able to get this out during the week it aired. I really loved the episode and wanted to share my thoughts with any GLEEKS out there that would listen.

I haven't got the Glee App yet but after reading my friend Vu's take on it, I want to hurry up and buy it. Check out both of our gleeky reviews at WE HEART MUSIC.



gLee Live 5/21/2010

Friday, 5/21/2010 in Hollywood, CA gLee Live @ Gibson Amphitheatre The BEST concert I've ever been to! I had a single ticket in the orchestra, awesome seat actually, but I let my niece sit there and sat in the 2nd to last row of the balcony. Wow, I guess I'm kinda a cool aunt. I took some videos but I made them private because YOUTUBE was flagging recordings of the glee concert due to copyrights. ? I wonder if they're going to release a live DVD in the future...



STARS are Coming!

Stars is totally one of my favorite bands! I've been in love with them for 10 years. They are coming out with a new album and touring this summer. The last time I saw them was in 2007, so I'm really excited about their show.

They just recently launched a new website with a social network for fans.


Check out the SITE: BECAUSE WE MUST!


Funny Girl w/Glea intro @ Egyptian Theatre

Saturday, May 8 - 7:30 PM
gLea will give an introduction at the
Egyptian Theatre for the screening of Funny Girl.

FUNNY GIRL, 1968, Sony Repertory, 155 min. Dir. William Wyler. In her Academy-Award winning film debut, Barbra Streisand re-creates her legendary Broadway role as renowned comedienne Fanny Brice, who made the world laugh even as her own world was crumbling. Premiered in 1968 at the
Egyptian Theatre!

Introduction by "Glee" creator Ryan Murphy, executive producer Dante Di Loreto and series cast member Lea Michele.

"I'm gonna live and live now, Get what I want--I know how, One roll for the whole shebang, One throw, that bell will go clang, Eye on the target--and wham--One shot, one gun shot, and bam!"

- Don't Rain On My Parade


The Big GAY Sketch Show Party

The wait is over!
The 3rd Season of The Big Gay Sketch Show premiered on Logo Tuesday, 4/13. I was lucky enough to attend the premiere party in Hollywood with the cast & other celebs. Good Times. I still need to post the photos but for now, check out this video by James St James covering the event.
I'm in this video
towards the end =).


I Wanna Be Your Dog

Last night I hung out at my house with a couple of friends. It wasn't planned and it turned into a little kickback. Angel called me when I was hanging out with Ernest drinking a beer; I invited him over and then it was us 3 chilling. I texted Claudia to swing by after she got out of work. Then we became 4 (5 with Missy). Had beers & shots, listening to music and catching up.

Angel and I were talking about how much the The Runaways movie rocked. I was telling him that one of my fave parts was when K-Stew & D-Fan first kissed. It was awesome! All cute with them in their rollerskates but what made that part perfect was I Wanna Be Your Dog, by The Stooges, playing during the scene.

Out of nowhere, Ernest, being the awesome musician that he is, got the guitar and started playing it. Yeah, I got my bass out. "Jow, what are the chords?" "G - F# - E" Cool, only 3 chords with a D & C added in for the bridge. We were playing it, acoustically, when I received a text from Joseph asking what we were doing. I texted them to come over. When ROMAN and Joseph got there, our acoustic set turned into a jam session (plugged in & drums) on a Wednesday night (after midnight). We played for a bit and then went back to acoustic.


Check out this video of us jamming


Glee returns in less than 2 weeks!!!
13 is my LUCKY #


gLeek Peek

I can't hardly wait until the 13th of APRIL! Glee continues! I was fortunate to have been able to see a sneak peek of the "Hello" episode at the PaleyFest.

It held me over for a while but then it just made me more anxious. Here are a couple of clips, for the continued season, to feed off of for now:


GLEE Galore!

GLEE truly is the best show!
Everybody seems to have that GLEEK fever.

Congratulations to GLEE for winning a SAG Award last night!!!!

Last week they won a GOLDEN GLOBE,

and previously won a PEOPLE'S CHOICE.

I think i could get used to this;
GLEE winning an award on a weekly basis.