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She Keeps Me Warm

The VMAs had many great performances, along with a shameful one, but my favorite was Same Love. It's such an amazing song and it sends a powerful message. I'm proud of this song. Macklemore and Ryan Lewis deserve their award. They're heroes! Not only are they promoting equality, they're spreading love.
Mary Lambert has a beautiful voice. She was so emotional during her performance that she made me cry at the end of the song. I wanted to hug her. She recently came out with a video for She Keeps Me Warm and it's beautiful. She's so pretty. I have a new crush. I wish I lived in Seattle.



Moz, Mel & More

I love Morrissey! I've spent most of my life on his trail. Unfortunately I wasn't hardcore enough to attend his Hollywood High gig. A few of my friends went; I had to stay behind; I wonder if they saw the jealousy in my eyes. 
I envy the crowd of Moz Angelenos that were at that historical show. For the rest of us fans, we can stop our crying because the concert was filmed and will soon be available for viewing. My friend Melissa sent me an email with a Spin Magazine link showing a clip of Everyday Is Like Sunday....and she's in it!   
Now, I'm even more excited for the concert film! I hope to see more of her, other friends and familiar faces.

"Never alive until 25" - Gene


Charismatic Cory

It's been a couple of weeks since the tragic news of Cory Monteith's death. It was a shock and I've been in denial ever since. Not only did I fall in love the character Finn Hudson but I was quite fond Cory as an individual. He was such an amazing person and the world has lost a great man but he will never be forgotten. I'm sending out a virtual hug to all  gleeks worldwide. I'm grateful that GLEE helped introduce Cory to the world.
I always thought Cory would be the perfect boyfriend, if I was into guys. Anyhow, I can still appreciate beauty and he was one tall glass of handsome. He was: good looking, in shape, tall, athletic, a talented singer, musician & actor; he had: great skin, cool hair, a lovely smile, healthy teeth, a nice personality, and a  great sense of humor. He was full of energy and although he was only my friend in the gleek world, I wish I could've been his friend in real life.


7/13/13 at Outfest

It's that time of year again...OUTFEST baby! There are so many great films I wanna check out. My nieces and I are so happy that they're having a Pitch Perfect Sing-Along. We watch it everyday and we're looking forward to getting #PitchSlapped with other fans.

Thursday, 7/11, is the Outfest Opening Night Gala but I'm more excited for the 13th. It's my birthday and they're showing an amazing film at the fest. I saw The Most Fun I've Ever Had With My Pants On last year at the AFI Fest and fell in love with Drew Denny! I've been raving about this film for the longest and I'm glad that my friends are going to get a chance to see it.


Laters Prop H8ers

It's awesome waking up to AMAZING news! 



SUN Summertime

I can't believe that summer is here! This year flew by. I haven't even accomplished much this year. I'm broke & jobless. I'm hoping that things will turn around. To lighten things up, I'm sharing my favorite Summer song:


Twerkin' Stevie

Addicted to twerking? I'm addicted to watching this INTERVENTION: TWERKING video. I've lost count of how many times I've seen it. I dare somebody to watch it without laughing. It's hilarious! If I ever feel sad, I'm going to watch this video.

The second season of Stevie TV premiered last week and it was Ah-MAH-Zing! I'm quite fond of Stevie Ryan and I'm looking forward to seeing all the new episodes. I'm also excited that Nicol Paone is on the show!


It's Earth Day! What Are We Gonna Do?

 Happy Earth Day!

What have you done for your planet lately? This is our home, let's take care of it. I've been recycling cans and bottles since I was in Jr. High School. Thanks to the city of Los Angeles, we have our blue recycle bins that makes sorting the trash easy. The simple things do matter. You can take your used batteries, old computers and various waste materials to recycle centers. Check Earth911 for the nearby locations.




Karaoke: Sing Your Life

Take me out tonight! It's time to walk right up to the microphone Moz Angelenos because there's a new Morrissey Karaoke night.
Sing Your Life at THE OFFICE COCKTAILS bar, located in Lincoln Heights, starting tonight and every second Thursday of the month.


MOZ ART: An Artistic Tribute to MORRISSEY

If you're in the East L.A. area this weekend you should definitely stop by the MOZ ART show. My friend Mayra is displaying some of her paintings. It's an all ages event and there's a $5 cover. Fun for the whole family. I'm going with my brother and nieces.
An Artistic Tribute to STEVEN PATRICK MORRISSEY. This event seems to be like a mini Moz convention. There's going to be music, bands, vendors, beer, food, and more.
 So come and celebrate Morrissey and Art!



I just found out about this musical festival. I wish that I could go to Coachella but I can't afford it. I went to the first one and never went back. I saw this flyer and I thought it was very clever. So, if you're in L.A. and not the C.Valley, you should totally check it out. If you do go, definitely try and catch The Dead Ships!