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Petty Fest 11/15/12 El Rey

I scored tickets to the Petty Fest, a celebration of Tom Petty music, thanks to L.A. Weekly. I attended the second night of the PettyFest West (L.A.'s debut); Jameson sponsored the event that raised money for Sweet Relief.  By the end of the night, I was Free Fallin' down with all that Jameson I drank.

Here is my mini review of the fest on TGI.

 Johnny Depp played guitar on a few songs.

 Great rendition of the songs throughout the night but my favorite was Landon Pigg's version of LEARNING TO FLY, with the beautiful & talented Mae Whitman on back vocals. If my eyes were closed, I would've thought Mr. Petty was singing it himself.

I've always loved Mae Whitman and I'm a big fan Parenthood, so when I saw that she was standing behind me, I had to give her a gift. I only had a lollipop but she was surprised and gave me a hug! At the end of the night, I saw her again and took a photo with her. She was super sweet! Even cooler, she retweeted my picture!!
 It was exciting seeing so many artist collaborate for such an awesome event.
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I'm a such a dork because I got excited when I saw Ben Savage!
The JAMESON girls were super hot!


Whup! (There It Is)

Okay, what's wrong with me? Have I not been living in Los Angeles for the past 3 years? I'm barely finding out about Big Whup. This band is just too adorable! I should've been catching them at gigs, 2 years ago. Well, at least they have a new fan now.

I bet you can't watch this video without smiling:



The Most Fun (Pants) at AFI Fest

I officially have a crush on DREW DENNY! I was lucky enough to catch The Most Fun I've Ever Had With My Pants On the other night at the AFI FEST. I almost didn't make it because I didn't want to go alone but I'm glad I did because it was amazing. Naturally, the title grabbed my attention, then I saw that Millie (freaks&geeks) was in it. My melancholic self checked my AFI Fest app after reading the description: In this dark comedy, friends Andy and Liv travel through the picturesque landscape of the Southwest in remembrance of Andy's father. How could something with a happy title be so sad?

 Drew Denny (writer, director, actor) introduced the film saying that it was made as a dedication to her father, whom passed away from cancer, not even 2 years ago. My heart sank. She promised it wasn't going to be a sad movie but I couldn't help getting teary-eyed during the film. It must be difficult, to relive that. She has to be the bravest girl, ever; writing and acting in the film seemed emotionally hard enough but to go around presenting the film and then talking about it after, that is courage! She is now included in my nightly prayers. 

 #AFIFEST: The Most Fun I've Ever Had With My Pants On 
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I enjoyed the film very much. I felt like I was taking the journey with Andy (Drew Denny) and Liv (Sarah Hagan). OMG! In the beginning of the film, the girls sang, "Awesome God." It's just one of those songs I grew up on and 'til this day, I find myself randomly singing it. The movie was beautifully shot and the music complemented the scenery. I think it's so cool that Drew wrote a few songs for the film, as well as having her friends' music on the soundtrack. She was such a sweetheart during the Q&A; so pretty and all smiles; I loved her explanations for the questions. She also made cute film postcards for Fun Pants; shots taken at the various locations they visited. I got Austin, baby! That's where Drew's from =).

Turnstyle has a great interview with Drew Denny.