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Petty Fest 11/15/12 El Rey

I scored tickets to the Petty Fest, a celebration of Tom Petty music, thanks to L.A. Weekly. I attended the second night of the PettyFest West (L.A.'s debut); Jameson sponsored the event that raised money for Sweet Relief.  By the end of the night, I was Free Fallin' down with all that Jameson I drank.

Here is my mini review of the fest on TGI.

 Johnny Depp played guitar on a few songs.

 Great rendition of the songs throughout the night but my favorite was Landon Pigg's version of LEARNING TO FLY, with the beautiful & talented Mae Whitman on back vocals. If my eyes were closed, I would've thought Mr. Petty was singing it himself.

I've always loved Mae Whitman and I'm a big fan Parenthood, so when I saw that she was standing behind me, I had to give her a gift. I only had a lollipop but she was surprised and gave me a hug! At the end of the night, I saw her again and took a photo with her. She was super sweet! Even cooler, she retweeted my picture!!
 It was exciting seeing so many artist collaborate for such an awesome event.
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I'm a such a dork because I got excited when I saw Ben Savage!
The JAMESON girls were super hot!


Whup! (There It Is)

Okay, what's wrong with me? Have I not been living in Los Angeles for the past 3 years? I'm barely finding out about Big Whup. This band is just too adorable! I should've been catching them at gigs, 2 years ago. Well, at least they have a new fan now.

I bet you can't watch this video without smiling:



The Most Fun (Pants) at AFI Fest

I officially have a crush on DREW DENNY! I was lucky enough to catch The Most Fun I've Ever Had With My Pants On the other night at the AFI FEST. I almost didn't make it because I didn't want to go alone but I'm glad I did because it was amazing. Naturally, the title grabbed my attention, then I saw that Millie (freaks&geeks) was in it. My melancholic self checked my AFI Fest app after reading the description: In this dark comedy, friends Andy and Liv travel through the picturesque landscape of the Southwest in remembrance of Andy's father. How could something with a happy title be so sad?

 Drew Denny (writer, director, actor) introduced the film saying that it was made as a dedication to her father, whom passed away from cancer, not even 2 years ago. My heart sank. She promised it wasn't going to be a sad movie but I couldn't help getting teary-eyed during the film. It must be difficult, to relive that. She has to be the bravest girl, ever; writing and acting in the film seemed emotionally hard enough but to go around presenting the film and then talking about it after, that is courage! She is now included in my nightly prayers. 

 #AFIFEST: The Most Fun I've Ever Had With My Pants On 
@A... on Twitpic
I enjoyed the film very much. I felt like I was taking the journey with Andy (Drew Denny) and Liv (Sarah Hagan). OMG! In the beginning of the film, the girls sang, "Awesome God." It's just one of those songs I grew up on and 'til this day, I find myself randomly singing it. The movie was beautifully shot and the music complemented the scenery. I think it's so cool that Drew wrote a few songs for the film, as well as having her friends' music on the soundtrack. She was such a sweetheart during the Q&A; so pretty and all smiles; I loved her explanations for the questions. She also made cute film postcards for Fun Pants; shots taken at the various locations they visited. I got Austin, baby! That's where Drew's from =).

Turnstyle has a great interview with Drew Denny. 



2 Str8 Men Kissing at Chic-Fil-A

Unfortunately I didn't get a girl to make out with me on "National Same-Sex Kiss Day" but this video makes up for it. I saw a tweet by HuffPostGay mentioning the video and I had to check it out. Yeah, this guy (Skyler Stone) looks familiar; I seen him in House Broken and Hostel 3. He supports the gays but he's torn because he likes Chic-Fil-A, so he compromised and got his friend Mike Smith to make out with him at the restaurant. Now, I like girls but after watching this video, I developed a crush on Skyler Stone.   



GLEE Season 3 Comes Out 8/14/12

I've never been hit with a slushie but with it being so hot this summer, these week alone, a slushie to the face actually sounds good. Now for some refreshing news, this Tuesday, Season 3 of glee comes out on DVD. 

Glee: The Complete Third Season comes to DVD and Blu-ray August 14! 
Season Three of the electrifying, award-winning series finds the Gleeks headed for the Nationals – and graduation! As younger members join New Directions, others are about to begin exciting, if uncertain, lives outside it. Featuring some of television’s most enthralling song and dance numbers, including memorable hits from the legendary Michael Jackson, Glee continues to earn its place in the hearts of viewers around the world. (source)

Bonus Features:
**Glee Under the Stars
**Glee Music Jukebox
**Santana's "Santa Baby" Music Video
**Glee Music Jukebox
**Glee Give a Note
**Glee Music Jukebox
**Welcome to the Class
**Making the Finale, “Saying Goodbye”
**Sue Addresses Her Fans
**More Sue's Quips
**Glee Music Jukebox

How about celebrating with some GLEEK snacks?


Young & Wild at Outfest

Caught a Chilean film, "Joven Y Alocada," at the DGA for Outfest 2012. The title actually surpassed my expectations of the film. It was definitely a wild one. It's a more graphic KIDS, for the 21st Century. The film is based on an actual blog. I loved the cinematography and soundtrack. I'm not much of a film reviewer but I suggest you see it when it comes out independently in the fall.    

Kim Yutani interviews actress Alicia Rodríguez and director/co-writer Marialy Rivas.
You should check out the Sundance hot tub interview.
Click here for my Outfest photos of that night.


Totally Crabby

 Two of my friends and I are throwing a "Crabby" Party because us three are cancers. Of course everybody says that their sign is the best but I really think Cancer is. Unfortunately, due to the disease, our zodiac sign is kind of tainted. We wanted to call our party, "Ain't Nothing But A Cancer Party," but right away everybody was thinking of the disease or thought we were throwing a fundraiser. 
We were looking up crabby traits to put up at our party. I came across these two; the good & bad crab. Totally true!


May The 4th Be With You

I know it's a Star Wars reference (the Fourth/Force) and it's July, not May, but anyways...Happy Independence Day!

Although I love a good holiday, I'm always uneasy with fireworks. I'm good if I'm going to a show and I know there will be fireworks but living in the hood, I'm always jumpy because I think of gun shots. Fireworks are prohibited In the L.A. County but that doesn't stop all my neighbors from lighting them up. No just safe/sane fireworks, they friggin get the illegal Mexican ones. I'm actually glad that there was a recent bust. I'm not into the loud BOOMS but I do love the colorful explosions and sparkles. 

My dog Missy is terrified of fireworks. She gets scared every year and has been for a couple of days. Poor thing has been nervous all day, pacing around and hiding. It's going to get worse as the night proceeds. She has also been farting a lot. My poor baby!

Missy (#boxer) hiding under the blankets; afraid of the #fire... on Twitpic

I've closed the windows and have all the fans going, put the tv loud to drown out some noise, and made some chamomile tea to give her, for relaxation. I'm keeping her close to me and petting her. Hopefully the tremors will stop. Fourth of July Festivities: How to Keep Your Dog Calm.

People need to check themselves before they wreck themselves. My neighbor is having a BBQ and all the grown-ups are in the backyard partying and their kids are in the front street lighting fireworks. So irresponsible! I live on a hill and I'm always afraid that it's going to catch on fire during this holiday. A tree down the street caught on fire once. If I worked for the Police or Fire Dept., I'd go around and cite everybody that was doing fireworks in the street. I sound like a total buzz kill but if a cop could show up at my house for a noise complaint (band jamming out), why shouldn't they give warnings & tickets for something illegal?!


F Yeah to the FYF!

I’ve never been to FYF Fest but I’m actually thinking I might go to this one, if I can trade in enough recyclables for that paper.

Great bands! I wouldn’t mind seeing: Redd Kross (would be Steffy’s Fantasy) * Beirut * Cursive * Chairlift * Tanlines * Warpaint * Dinosaur Jr. * The Men * Simian Mobile Disco * M83 * Chromatics * Sleigh Bells * Liars * Against Me! * Nite Jewel * American Nightmare (because my friend is obsessed with Wes/Cold Cave)


Meeting The Shum

Last month I found out that Harry Shum Jr. was going to be a special guest at This Week, a sketch comedy show about the week’s current events, at Second City in Hollywood. I immediately bought my tickets in advance. Great move because it sold out quickly. The performance was hilarious and Harry was brilliant. It was a great opportunity to see Harry in action and in an intimate setting. I also wanted to give the Second City crew a shout out because they were very entertaining and had me laughing at all the sketches, especially Patricia Villetto. If you’re ever in Hollywood, you should totally check out a performance. 

After the show, I was lucky enough to meet HSJ. He was extremely nice, huggable and smiley. It was a quick hello and a snapped photo. He hung out a bit at the theatre and was kind enough to chat and take photos with some fans. My niece and I were also able to take our photo with Harry. Even though I had a bad hair day, at least it was a good day. 

Click HERE for more photos from this night.