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Let's Go to the Mall GLEEKS

I knew that gleek filmed a couple of times at the Eagle Rock Plaza, so when I heard a rumor that they were filming there this week, I had to go and take a look. I drove out there with two friends, Liz & Rich, and when we got there, I saw the sign - WMHS (William McKinley High School). Bingo! We parked and went inside.

We get to the area and people were hanging around watching a crowd dance. I saw 2 takes of that and then they took a break.

I asked a crew member how long they were going to film and he said all day. They were breaking for lunch. We hung around for a bit and the crew was very nice.

The glee cast was also nice, too bad I couldn't say the same for their security. Luckily my friend was able to score a photo with Mark and Cory. After she was all shaky and nervous that she made me nervous.

After the lunch break, we still hung around at the mall for 7 more hours. Why wouldn't we? GLEE is our favorite show and it's not everyday we get to see it getting filmed.

All the gleeks were at the mall filming except Amber Riley (per twitter - she has been sick) and Dianna Agron (unknown).

SPOILER ALERT: Kurt, Rachel & Puck were at the mall, top of the stairs - unknown dialogue, when Puck runs down the escalator and goes to this jukebox/radio and hits play. Barbra Streisand by Duck Sauce filled the air and everybody started dancing, flash mob-esque. Kurt & Rachel head down the escalator with other dancers and join the mob. Everybody is dancing and the other gleeks surprise Rachel by being part of the flash mob.

Ok, so I'm totally going to have "Barbra Streisand" stuck in my head for forever.

It was a flash mob. People all around had their cameras & phones out and I assumed we were able to take pictures. Unfortunately, security went around saying no photography was allowed. Oh well, at least I got these few shots.

I had made presents (necklaces) for the cast and I've had them since last year's paleyfest but it's so difficult to meet them because the fans have gleek-mania. Last year I gave Lea & Ryan theirs at The Egyptian Theatre, Jane's at outfest, Matthew's at this paleyfest, and only succeeded on giving Chris & Mark's theirs at the mall. I need to learn how to be more aggressive.



Glee Paleyfest 2011

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Saban Theatre in Beverly Hills

Per the PALEYFEST website:

In Person:

Ryan Murphy, Cocreator / Executive Producer
Dianna Agron, “Quinn Fabray”
Chris Colfer, “Kurt Hummel”
Jessalyn Gilsig, “Terri Schuester“
Jane Lynch, “Sue Sylvester”
Jayma Mays, “Emma Pillsbury”
Kevin McHale, “Artie Abrams”
Lea Michele, “Rachel Berry”
Cory Monteith, “Finn Hudson”
Heather Morris, “Brittany Pierce”
Matthew Morrison, “Will Schuester”
Mike O’Malley, “Burt Hummel”
Amber Riley, “Mercedes Jones”
Naya Rivera, “Santana Lopez”
Mark Salling, “Noah ‘Puck’ Puckerman”
Jenna Ushkowitz, “Tina Cohen-Chang”
And additional members of the cast and creative team

Actually, Dianna Agron, Jayma Mays, Jessalyn Gilsig, Lea Michele, and Mike O'Malley weren't present at the panel.

Ryan Murphy was also joined by Creators/Producers Brad Falchuck, Ian Brennan
and Dante Di Loreto. Darren Criss (Blaine) also joined the cast for the panel.

Prior to the panel, they screened the 16th episode, Original Song, of the 2nd season. I was really hoping they would've showed something I haven't seen but I enjoyed re-watching the episode, especially with a crowd full of gleeks.

The discussion was fun. The whole panel was nice. They discussed the original songs, the upcoming tour, the glee reality show, Gwyneth Paltrow, Ashley Fink, Santana being a lesbian, filming the rest of the season, possibly having Blaine change schools to McKinley in the 3rd season, a Fleetwood Mac RUMOURS episode, and more spoilers.

This event was a little over a week ago, so sorry for lagging on posting about it. I was searching for reviews of the glee panel and I found this real cool website called GLEEhab. Am I lame for not finding it sooner? Possibly :) but I found it and they combined several sources into one post; pictures & videos too. So please direct yourself there for more information on this event.

As soon as the panel ended, everybody rushed the stage for autographs! Luckily, my niece and I got a good spot to get autographs. I was disappointed that several of the gleeks hurried off the stage, including Cory Monteith, but who am I to judge? Maybe they had things to attend to.

I am forever grateful to the gleeks that stayed after to sign autographs for fans. I know it could be overwhelming with all the fans. What I want to know is why does their publicist stand behind them and try to get them to leave?

I also wanted to give mad props to Matthew Morrison for staying til the very end and making sure that he signed everything. Super nice & sweet!

To view more of my photos, click here for my flickr set.



Judd Apatow Paleyfest 2011

Freaks and Geeks / Undeclared Reunion

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Saban Theatre in Beverly Hills

In Person:

Judd Apatow, Executive Producer, Freaks and Geeks; Creator/Executive Producer, Undeclared
Paul Feig, Creator/Executive Producer, F&G; Director, Undeclared
Linda Cardellini, “Lindsay Weir,” F&G
John Francis Daley, “Sam Weir,” F&G
Martin Starr, “Bill Haverchuck,” F&G
Samm Levine, “Neil Schweiber,” F&G
Seth Rogen, “Ken Miller,” F&G / “Ron Garner,” Undeclared
Busy Philipps, “Kim Kelly,” F&G
Jason Segel, “Nick Andopolis,” F&G / “Eric,” Undeclared
Joe Flaherty, “Harold Weir,” F&G
Jake Kasdan, Director/Consulting Producer, F&G
Jay Baruchel, “Steven Karp,” Undeclared
Monica Keena, “Rachel Lindquist,” Undeclared
Carla Gallo, “Lizzie Exley,” Undeclared
Timm Sharp, “Marshall Nesbitt,” Undeclared
Christina Payano, “Tina Ellroy,” Undeclared
Jarrett Grode, "Perry," Undeclared
Kevin Rankin, “Lucien,” Undeclared

It was a double dose of fun for the Freaks and Geeks / Undeclared Reunion!! Judd Apatow came out on stage and said that there were going to show an episode of Undeclared and after invite the cast out after for a Q&A, then take a "short break" and then show an episode of Freaks and Geeks and invite the cast out after for a Q&A. We were in for a treat.

Apatow's daughter, Iris, came out to introduce both episodes. Super cute! The first time she looked so nervous but did a great job. Here's the second introduction:

We saw the last episode of F & G and then the cast came out on stage. Unfortunately, James Franco couldn't be present but he sent a little video. It was so crazy seeing the whole cast reunite after all these years. I took a few video clips and will upload them on youtube soon.

The cast stayed a bit to give autographs. I was in the balcony, so it took me a while to get down there. These cool peeps stayed the longest (in order):

Linda Cardellini

Jason Segal

Paul Feig

Busy Phillips

Lea Sheppard (Harris) made a special trip to join the cast.

Martin Starr

Click here to view more photos from the event.


True Blood Paleyfest 2011

Saturday, March 5, 2011

Saban Theatre in Beverly Hills

True Blood - In Person:

Kevin Alejandro, “Jesus Velasquez”

Marshall Allman, “Tommy Mickens”

Alan Ball, Creator / Executive Producer

Chris Bauer, “Andy Bellefleur“

Kristin Bauer van Straten, “Pam De Beaufort“

Nelsan Ellis, “Lafayette Reynolds”

Ryan Kwanten, “Jason Stackhouse”

Todd Lowe, “Terry Bellefleur”

Joe Manganiello, “Alcide Herveaux”

Stephen Moyer, “Bill Compton”

Anna Paquin, “Sookie Stackhouse”

Jim Parrack, “Hoyt Fortenberry”

Carrie Preston, “Arlene Fowler”

Alexander Skarsgard, “Eric Northman”

Sam Trammell, “Sam Merlotte”

Rutina Wesley, “Tara Thornton”

Deborah Ann Woll, “Jessica Hamby”

Ok, I was so tired but I had to upload the pictures before I went to bed. It was an awesome night! My brother & I went to the True Blood Panel at the Paleyfest. Lord, I should've been prepared for that climb to the rear balcony! We sat down just in time.

Alan Ball came out and introduced a video montage of Season 1-3, and a clip from the 4th season. The fans were screaming crazy, like if we were at a teenie bop concert. After the vid, the cast was introduced.

It was a nice discussion, along with questions from fans. I did take a couple of videos and will share the links later when i upload them. We hung out after and were lucky enough to get a couple of autographs (Sam & Alexander) and my brother scored with also getting Stephen's.

Being all the way in the balcony, I couldn't take great, close-up, photos. If it wasn't for the big projection screen, I probably wouldn't have any. Here are the best pix: