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Let's Go Sexin'

My friend had tickets to see John Waters in person for This Filthy World Goes Hollywood at UCLA. He got an email the day before saying that they were going to be screening the film A DIRTY SHAME and John Waters was going to be there giving a commentary for the film. It was available for students but opened up for people with tickets to his show.

There were 4 of us that attended the screening. The cool thing was that 3 of us actually saw the film together back in the day. UCLA is a big campus and we couldn't quite find the parking lot we were supposed to park at. Half of us went in and we went to park the car. We didn't sit together because it was dark and couldn't see when we got in. It was cool watching the movie and being in John's presence. His commentary was hilarious. I didn't know that we weren't supposed to take photos because I wasn't there for the announcement. I took 1 photo, thank God - no flash, but when I saw that nobody else was taking pictures, I decided not to take anymore.


I Am Number Four

Last week was the premiere of I Am Number Four in Westwood. I got an ad that said to arrive early for the red carpet arrival. How do these kids do it? My feet were killing me! I got to Westwood at 3:30pm and was standing until we went into the theater a little after 8pm. It was worth it though. If you attend any screenings, Westwood is the place to go because you are right there in the middle of it, as apposed to other theaters where the fans are across the street.

Okay, so call me a poser but I didn't know that this film was based on a book series. I was just excited to get a glimpse of filmstars but there were fans there that were followers of the book.

I really enjoyed the movie! I love watching a movie with a cool crowd because they clap, laugh and scream louder than regular movie goers. I was glad to see Dianna Agron in a major movie role. The whole cast was awesome. I've become a fan of a couple of other hot filmstars. The movie was great and it only makes it better when you see it for free and get free popcorn & soda. After the film we went to Barney's Beanery for an after party and I scored with a poster, shirt & beanie. We were even given passes for an advance screening of the film and I gave it to a friend.

is in theaters 2/18/2011.


At Last

My Father's birthday was a couple of weeks ago and his Sisters and Brother (in Texas) made his present a DVD and mailed it to him. They are too funny! They've made several before and they love doing the "face in hole" thing with music playing in the background. Anyhow, my Dad told me to keep an eye out for a package from Texas. His Sister told him to make sure we all watch it together. When we received it in the mail, I was expecting to see all these comedic pictures.....but I was in for a surprise.

We sat down and started up the DVD; At Last by Etta James was playing in the background and it said, "Dennis and Judy's Wedding 1971" and I thought it was going to be just pictures but IT was actual footage from their wedding! Something I had never seen in my entire life. I have a couple of photos from that day but I never imagined that there was a recording of the event out there, somewhere. The tears rolled down my face, as I saw the most amazing film I had ever seen. I'm still getting teary-eyed just writing about it.

After the short wedding, they showed everybody exciting the church, then cut to my Grandmother's house - the cars arriving from the church and everybody walking into the house. The reception was in my Grandparent's living room with several family members, piano playing, dancing, champagne cheers, my parents sharing a couple of kisses, and my Father feeding my Mother wedding cake =].

The film also included another day of family fun, possibly the next day? Also on the soundtrack was Sleepwalk and Angel Baby. My parents got married in El Paso, TX and I was also baptized at that same church. A few years ago, we went down there for a Family Reunion and I had my Dad give me the tour of his neighborhood and that church was one of the spots we visited.


The 3rd Was The Worst

Yesterday was the anniversary of my Mother's death. It's been 11 years without her and it still feels as if it was just yesterday. It was on a Thursday that she left this "unhappy planet" and I found out that every 11 calendar years, you end up with the same day for date. They say that time heals but it really doesn't. It only makes it bearable. I have a hole in my heart that will never close.

Not a day goes by that I don't think of her. I dream about her from time to time and it only makes me sad when I wake up. The dreams vary, sometimes we are hanging out like we used to, other times I'm confused in my dream telling her that I thought she died, and the ones, that really get to me - when I wake up, are the ones where I'm angry at her; I'm mad at her for leaving, she's not dead, it's more like she ran away. At least in my dreams I get to hug her and talk to her and I look forward to going to sleep in hopes that I will dream of my Mom.


Mathew Morrison @ The Grove

Everybody's favorite glee teacher, Mr. Schue, made his first solo appearance at The Grove on January 29th. Matthew Morrison has been working on a solo album and He and his "M and M" band decided to give Los Angeles a preview of what to expect on the upcoming tour. It was a free all ages show presented by Oscar Mayer. Props to O.M. for giving out free lunches.

The Grove was crowded and I couldn't find a spot. I went around the back stage and found a spot next to the theater where Matthew ended up coming out at. I was so excited!! Check out the few seconds of MM on my twit vid.

Matthew & Co. rocked out The Grove! He performed Mrs. Robinson, All Night Long, a great mash up of Great Balls of Fire & I Saw Her Standing There, glee faves: (Gold Digger, Don't Stand So Close To Me, Sway, Somewhere Over The Rainbow), and debuted a new solo song My Name.