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Glee Project's FIREWORK

Today is glee's season 2 finale. I'm excited for tonight's episode but I'm sad that the season is over. Thank God for The Glee Project, premiering June 12th, for keeping me occupied this summer. Even though I have glee's complete first season, first part of the second season and the rest of the season DVR'd, I still tuned into Oxygen to watch the gleekaton. I was also following along on twitter but I think that I was too late for some of the trivia due to the different time zones.

It was fun watching the previews and ads for THE GLEE PROJECT. I knew they were going to premiere a video, of the new cast, but I didn't see the whole marathon because I went to Long Beach pride. I had a little too much fun and was recovering these past couple of days. I'm feeling a lot better now and Gleesday always gets me pumped, so I started reading tweets and following up on gleeks. I saw the FIREWORK video on youtube and I got the chills! I just had to share it.



Gleek of the Week

My gleekness paid off! I can't believe I was GOTW!!!! It was a couple of weeks ago for the Born This Way episode but I'm still getting props from friends about it =).

I have been a fan of glee from the beginning. How could you not like glee? I bought the first episode from walmart, and mailed my coupon for a free shirt, and must have seen that several times and got the chills every time they performed Don't Stop Believin'. I couldn't believe that we had to wait a few months for the second episode, especially since there was a preview on the disc.

I was hooked! I got my family and friends to watch the show and even turned non believers into gleeks. I started a scrapbook and collected any photo/article relating to glee. I always promoted and shared glee info on social networks and word of mouth. I even joined twitter just to follow the glee cast. Once the first season continued in the fall of 2009, I was even more obsessed! Christmas time was great with the CDs & DVD coming out. I had just bought a car and I've always wanted a personalized license plate, so when it came down to picking one, I chose: GLEEK * (with the Rachel Berry star at the end).

Last August I tweeted to Fox to pick me as Gleek of the Week and tried again but wasn't successful. I could just imagine all the people that were tweeting to get picked. It was really hard trying to write, in limited characters, why you should be picked, so this year, when they mentioned, via facebook, that you could email (gleekoftheweek@gmail.com) them explaining why you should be picked as GOTW, I jumped on it. I emailed them and included a picture of my license plate but got no response. A couple of weeks later I forwarded the email with a note saying that I've tried a few times before and was sending the same gleeky info. Later on I got an email saying I was a finalist!!!

I had to sign a release form and set my default photo to a solo picture of myself. I didn't tell anybody because I didn't want to jinx it. I received an email the day before saying that my info was received and I would be hearing from them the following day. I checked my email on Tuesday and there was no word. I was a little sad but still hoped I got picked. At least I was getting a mega 90min glee episode to watch with my family.

When the episode ended and they showed the gleek of the week, my family and I screamed!! I was just as surprised as they were =-}. I checked my email and I was informed a couple of hours after I stopped checking my inbox. I also wanted to give a shout out to my fox correspondence, Cait Hood, whom was very sweet via email.

People had been asking what it was that I said to become GOTW, so below is the email I sent:

Ok, I just totally have to win the GLEEK OF THE WEEK! I've tried before on twitter but wasn't successful =(. I saw this post on facebook and wanted to email because I'd be able to share more reasons why here, than a tweet (limited characters).

My license plate says: GLEEK * (and we all know what the star stands for). picture: http://twitpic.com/1e4vqc

First off, I'm so OBSESSED! I've seen every episode, have the DVDs and have all the CDs, including Vol. 5 - that I just bought. Glee is so AMAZING! The show, the music, the characters, the story lines, the choreography, and anything else I've missed. I get the chills whenever I hear the songs. I have the glee iphone app (stereostef) and I share my songs on facebook. I'm always promoting glee and sharing info. I saw GLEE LIVE last year and plan to again this year, if I can afford it. One of my favorite tweets is, "Will Work 4 GLEE." I went to last year's paleyfest glee panel and I'll be going again next week.

Now they say that a picture is worth a thousand words, here are over a hundred pics: http://www.flickr.com/photos/stereostef/collections/72157624189316127/(My gleek (related) photo collection on flickr)

Check out my GLEE YouTube vids:
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Glee Season 2 Premiere Party at Claire's on 9/21/2010

I made the whole glee cast necklaces but I haven't had the honor of giving them to the cast because everybody is GLEE CRAZY! I did give Lea, Ryan & Jane theirs though =).

My name is STEPHANIE CHAVEZ and you can find me by StereoStef via the internet.

I really really really hope to get picked.


ps: I am the biggest gleek, according to my family & friends but i would love for somebody else to notice. thanks,stef
For all the gleeks out there that want to be GOTW........