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gLee Live 5/21/2010

Friday, 5/21/2010 in Hollywood, CA gLee Live @ Gibson Amphitheatre The BEST concert I've ever been to! I had a single ticket in the orchestra, awesome seat actually, but I let my niece sit there and sat in the 2nd to last row of the balcony. Wow, I guess I'm kinda a cool aunt. I took some videos but I made them private because YOUTUBE was flagging recordings of the glee concert due to copyrights. ? I wonder if they're going to release a live DVD in the future...



STARS are Coming!

Stars is totally one of my favorite bands! I've been in love with them for 10 years. They are coming out with a new album and touring this summer. The last time I saw them was in 2007, so I'm really excited about their show.

They just recently launched a new website with a social network for fans.


Check out the SITE: BECAUSE WE MUST!