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You're My Diamond Girl

I am in love with Marina Lambrini Diamandis! She is beautiful, adorable, creative, unique, & an amazing singer! Thanks to a cool friend for introducing her music to me and inviting me to her L.A. show. She started the set with my favorite song:

The concert was very entertaining! Marina & The Diamonds gave a great performance! I didn't want the night to end. The "security staff workers" were really rude! I can go on about details but they're not worth it and after waiting outside for an hour, I was able to meet Marina and she was so sweet. I'm such a nerd when I'm an obsessed fan, I gave her my cheesy blinking red light ring the tie I made.

For more photos from the concert, check out my flickr set and in the near future check out youtube.com/TGIblog for more clips from the show.

Listen to Marina & The Diamonds: BECAUSE WE MUST!


Glee (McKinley High)

I'm so happy that season 2 of Glee will be starting in 1 week. There were a lot of gleek events this summer but I wasn't able to attend them all because of work. I did catch Jane Lynch at 2 outfest events and they were awesome! Just being in her presence was amazing. I've yet to see the Sue wax figure in Hollywood but I'll try to make it out there soon.

I was stalking McKinley High, thanks to the heads up by I AM NOT A STALKER . COM this past spring and I wanted to share a little video I made. Check it out!

Claire's is full of glee with their glee accessories & glee pop-ups. You still have time to "roam the halls of McKinley High" at pop-up locations.