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Morrissey In The Flesh

Skin Storm!
Morrissey and fellow band mates pose nude for the inner-sleeve artwork of the I’m Throwing My Arms Around Paris single.

If you’ve got it, flaunt it. I think this photo is hot! Mr. Morrissey is going to be 50 years young this year and I think he wants us to notice that he’s still fit and fine!

When I got the message about this photo, I thought it was just another scam to get you to click on a link that would give you a virus but it was true…Morrissey posed naked! Full frontal is blocked by 7” records. It’s a tease for all the perves that wanted to see lil moz. This photo is indeed sexy and well photographed. The 7”records were a clever prop, unlike the early 90s when the Red Hot Chili Peppers used tube socks. I’m thankful Morrissey didn’t go for the whole enchilada because I’ve yet to recover from seeing John Lennon’s penis.

My 3 favorite semi-nude photos of Morrissey:


SPEEDOS [Gary & Morrissey]

from the Tomorrow single cover


TOPLESS [Phranc, Morrissey, Gary, Alain]

from the Kill Uncle tour program


NAKED 7” [Morrissey cropped solo]

from the I’m Throwing My Arms Around Paris single