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GLEE Sing Along

Glee took over Santa Monica High School, again (1st screening), on 8/15/2011.
I didn't know what to expect, since this was the first annual sing along. When we arrived to the school, they gave us a program, popcorn & water. It wasn't as crowded as I expected. We got some seats and waited to sing some songs.
There were several GLEEKS there to introduce the songs.
Kevin McHale, Harry Shum Jr., Ashley Fink, & Dante Di Loreto.

Kristin Chenoweth

Mike O'Malley, Chris Colfer, Kristin Chenoweth, & Dot Marie Jones

After the songs were done, Kristin Dos Santos came out on stage and did a Q&A with Dante Di Loreto, Dot-Marie Jones, JANE LYNCH, Chris Colfer, Robert Ulrich (Casting Director), and Mike O'Malley.
Congratulations on the many Emmy Nominations GLEE!


TGP - Don't Stop Believin'

The Glee Project ended with a big surprise! First off I just want to say that this reality show was incredible; I'm not being biased because I'm a gleek. This reality competition show went above & beyond and was truly original.
I salute the creators, directors, producers, engineers, crew, and all involved in the making of THE GLEE PROJECT!
GLEE-ality. It was great seeing the whole cast in the season finale. Nerd alert spoiler because I saw the RAISE YOUR GLASS video before the episode. Finally they got to sing Don't Stop Believin' - the signature glee song. Once Ryan Murphy brought out the rest of the contestants to help out with the song, there was a whole energy change in the room. It was an amazingly fun performance. It was also great to see Ryan smile! It made me smile.
It really was a hard decision to make. I felt that all of them should have been on glee, even if it was for one episode, in the background or whatever. Not just the final four but all 12 should at least get a cameo. The final four: Alex, Damian, Lindsay, & Samuel are all so talented and their last chance performances were amazing. I guess the decision was difficult for Ryan as well because there were 2 winners: Samuel Larsen & Damian McGinty both won 7 episodes on glee! If that wasn't enough of a shocking surprise, they also gave runners-up Alex Newell & Lindsay Pearce each 2 episodes on glee. Congratulations!!! RAISE YOUR GLASS to all winners in THE GLEE PROJECT!

Congratulations to the 12 contestants that made it onto the show. Unfortunately you did not win a role on glee but you won out of thousands to get this opportunity. I wish you luck in the future and hope your dreams come true.


Bridget's Party (Gig)

Congratulations to my niece Bridget! She got a partial scholarship to attend NDNU. She graduated in May and this was a combination (graduation + leaving to college) party. There were so many people! Good food, drinks, family, & friends. We had a DJ but we also wanted to play a couple of songs. We hadn't performed in a long time but it was worth the effort to perform for my niece.
BENNER has been in limbo but this seemed like an appropriate time to come out of hibernation. We had 2 short practices and I can't believe that I had to relearn my basslines. We have over 10 songs but we just focused on 4.

The first song was an epic fail; we started it and stopped after 15 seconds, then started from the beginning and Dominic & I both got lost at the bridge, after a couple of embarrassing chuckles, we just continued to the ending chorus. The next 3 songs were great. Minus that little hiccup in the beginning, the set went well.
A little speech from the parents and then onto The PBs set. A little playlist of cover songs for my niece. It was a family affair. My bestfriend Ernest on guitar, Me on bass, my nephew Joseph on drums, my niece Kristeena (making her debut) on vox, and my other friend Rich on vocals. We worked with what we had and i'm confident enough to say that the songs came close to sounding similar to the originals.
Last Friday Night was a fun song to start off the set. Now this wasn't planned but my other 3 nieces ended up singing along for the chants: T-G-I-F and the yelling and that actually came out awesome!
Here Comes Your Man
Not Gonna Teach Your Boyfriend How To Dance
Raise Your Glass
The songs we picked were pretty easy and repetitive except for Here Comes Your Man. It wasn't my best performance but everybody seemed to like it. Raise Your Glass was a crowd pleaser and it seemed to get everybody hyped. After the set, the DJ started spinning and was playing until the end of the night.


What's The Deelio?

The most talked about video of the summer is "Our Deal" by Best Coast, directed by Drew Barrymore. Starring the beautiful Chloe Moretz! An amazing talented young actress. I met her at the I Am Number Four premiere and started following her on twitter. She is so adorable!
Great song and the video is amazing! See if you can spot a couple of cameos. After you watch this video, it will be stuck in your mind. Well directed and very clever.

West Side Story meets The Warriors in the City of Angels:

It's the type of video that you can watch over & over again. Now, you can see the EXTENDED video version (10 minutes).


It's a BOY!

My new nephew NATHANIEL!

He's not even a day old in this photo and he looks huge! He was 21inches =) Big Boy!