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Moz on Jimmy Kimmel 2/5/2009

Morrissey is going to be performing on the Jimmy Kimmel Show Thursday, February 5, 2009. This event is free and you can request tickets at 1iota.com. My friend Melinda called me and left me a message about the show just about the same time I received a text from my other friend Sylvia. Thanks girls! I feel the mozzy love.

I saw him perform a couple of years ago from the rooftop of the parking lot next to JKL; it was cold and raining. My nephews, nieces and I spent all day making letter signs that spelled out, "MOZ ANGELES." I don't think he saw it though but at least the band members did; after the show my nephews tried to meet the band and heard them say that L.A. was keeping it real with the Moz Angeles.

This is sure to sell out quickly, so get your tickets asap. I'm not sure how strict that parking lot has become; I'm sure they caught on to all the people hanging out there to get a glimpse of their favorite music artists. If you are a member of 1iota, then add me as a friend. I just confirmed my tickets. Let's meet up and then we'll get a drink after at The Cat & Fiddle.

Get your tickets NOW: BECAUSE WE MUST!

Here's a video from the last Morrissey performance at Jimmy Kimmel:

This time I plan to be in the audience.

"....we look to Los Angeles, for the language we use...."