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And The Drums

The drums, the drums, the drums, the drums, oh!

I just love GREAT DJ by The Ting Tings; just as much as I love drummers. Okay, so it's no surprise that I'm a total GLEEK! Last April, my niece and I were in San Francisco looking at colleges and it just so happened that Bonnie Dune (Cory Monteith's new band) was performing. We went and it was a fun show!

I make little guitar pick necklaces for people I admire. That being said, I wanted to do something a little different for a cool drummer boy. I got a drum key and inscribed Cory's name on one side, and a star on the other. I then attached it to a key ring, with a chain for clipping on pants and easy access. Cory totally loved it and the band members said that he is always looking for a key. That was so cool because I gave him a gift that he would actually use.

A few months later, Cory tweeted about the drum key! That was just AWESOME!