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Thriller by Petra Haden

I wanted to share a song in remembrance of
PETRA HADEN has the best version of Thriller. She sings it a'cappella and it is BEYOND AMAZING!!! I always add this song on my profile around Halloween. I was going to share it on iLike but it wasn't available. So please click on Petra's name and hear the song; I promise you'll like it.

I admire Petra! She is such an amazing artist and I've been in love with her for over 13 years. Add her as a friend and check out her music.

King of Pop

The death of Michael Jackson seems so surreal.

My CONDOLENCES to his family, friends & fans.
May he rest in peace.

He will forever be a legend & live on through his music.
My family and I swung by the Coroner's office since it was near my house. According to the news, the autopsy should be done by Friday afternoon.


Re-issue! Re-package! Re-package...

Re-evaluate the songs....

I just received an email from Polydor saying to pre-order Maladjusted. Am I out of the loop? This was the first I heard about it. It comes out June 9th and I'm totally going to get thanks to the advertisement.

So I clicked on the link to pre-order the album and it took me to amazon and then I saw that they just re-released Southpaw Grammar a month ago. WTF?! Now I feel like a poser because SG is my favorite Morrissey album! A lot of people claim that it is his weakest album but I beg to differ. I used to set my alarm to The Teachers Are Afraid of the Pupils and this was before the Maladjusted Tour, when Morrissey ended his set, coming back out and giving an encore shortly after.

Southpaw has new recorded tracks, including my favorite b-side Nobody Loves Us. My favorite album with my favorite b-side...who could ask for anything more? Actually I can because the 2009 expanded edition of Southpaw Grammar is currently "temporarily out of stock" and it's only available as an import. I'll just have to wait and for now, I'll admire the sleeve.