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TGP - Don't Stop Believin'

The Glee Project ended with a big surprise! First off I just want to say that this reality show was incredible; I'm not being biased because I'm a gleek. This reality competition show went above & beyond and was truly original.
I salute the creators, directors, producers, engineers, crew, and all involved in the making of THE GLEE PROJECT!
GLEE-ality. It was great seeing the whole cast in the season finale. Nerd alert spoiler because I saw the RAISE YOUR GLASS video before the episode. Finally they got to sing Don't Stop Believin' - the signature glee song. Once Ryan Murphy brought out the rest of the contestants to help out with the song, there was a whole energy change in the room. It was an amazingly fun performance. It was also great to see Ryan smile! It made me smile.
It really was a hard decision to make. I felt that all of them should have been on glee, even if it was for one episode, in the background or whatever. Not just the final four but all 12 should at least get a cameo. The final four: Alex, Damian, Lindsay, & Samuel are all so talented and their last chance performances were amazing. I guess the decision was difficult for Ryan as well because there were 2 winners: Samuel Larsen & Damian McGinty both won 7 episodes on glee! If that wasn't enough of a shocking surprise, they also gave runners-up Alex Newell & Lindsay Pearce each 2 episodes on glee. Congratulations!!! RAISE YOUR GLASS to all winners in THE GLEE PROJECT!

Congratulations to the 12 contestants that made it onto the show. Unfortunately you did not win a role on glee but you won out of thousands to get this opportunity. I wish you luck in the future and hope your dreams come true.

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