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May The 4th Be With You

I know it's a Star Wars reference (the Fourth/Force) and it's July, not May, but anyways...Happy Independence Day!

Although I love a good holiday, I'm always uneasy with fireworks. I'm good if I'm going to a show and I know there will be fireworks but living in the hood, I'm always jumpy because I think of gun shots. Fireworks are prohibited In the L.A. County but that doesn't stop all my neighbors from lighting them up. No just safe/sane fireworks, they friggin get the illegal Mexican ones. I'm actually glad that there was a recent bust. I'm not into the loud BOOMS but I do love the colorful explosions and sparkles. 

My dog Missy is terrified of fireworks. She gets scared every year and has been for a couple of days. Poor thing has been nervous all day, pacing around and hiding. It's going to get worse as the night proceeds. She has also been farting a lot. My poor baby!

Missy (#boxer) hiding under the blankets; afraid of the #fire... on Twitpic

I've closed the windows and have all the fans going, put the tv loud to drown out some noise, and made some chamomile tea to give her, for relaxation. I'm keeping her close to me and petting her. Hopefully the tremors will stop. Fourth of July Festivities: How to Keep Your Dog Calm.

People need to check themselves before they wreck themselves. My neighbor is having a BBQ and all the grown-ups are in the backyard partying and their kids are in the front street lighting fireworks. So irresponsible! I live on a hill and I'm always afraid that it's going to catch on fire during this holiday. A tree down the street caught on fire once. If I worked for the Police or Fire Dept., I'd go around and cite everybody that was doing fireworks in the street. I sound like a total buzz kill but if a cop could show up at my house for a noise complaint (band jamming out), why shouldn't they give warnings & tickets for something illegal?!

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Forgot to say RIP Andy Griffith: http://omg.yahoo.com/news/andy-griffith-dies-142400050.html