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Petty Fest 11/15/12 El Rey

I scored tickets to the Petty Fest, a celebration of Tom Petty music, thanks to L.A. Weekly. I attended the second night of the PettyFest West (L.A.'s debut); Jameson sponsored the event that raised money for Sweet Relief.  By the end of the night, I was Free Fallin' down with all that Jameson I drank.

Here is my mini review of the fest on TGI.

 Johnny Depp played guitar on a few songs.

 Great rendition of the songs throughout the night but my favorite was Landon Pigg's version of LEARNING TO FLY, with the beautiful & talented Mae Whitman on back vocals. If my eyes were closed, I would've thought Mr. Petty was singing it himself.

I've always loved Mae Whitman and I'm a big fan Parenthood, so when I saw that she was standing behind me, I had to give her a gift. I only had a lollipop but she was surprised and gave me a hug! At the end of the night, I saw her again and took a photo with her. She was super sweet! Even cooler, she retweeted my picture!!
 It was exciting seeing so many artist collaborate for such an awesome event.
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I'm a such a dork because I got excited when I saw Ben Savage!
The JAMESON girls were super hot!

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