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SUN Summertime

I can't believe that summer is here! This year flew by. I haven't even accomplished much this year. I'm broke & jobless. I'm hoping that things will turn around. To lighten things up, I'm sharing my favorite Summer song:

I'm hoping that this summer rocks. Last summer wasn't that great. Actually, that's a lie; the beginning of the summer was great but it ended terribly for me. I got sun poisoning. I went to a Soak City and got scorched. I did put on sunblock but I didn't reapply it and I got severely burnt. That night, I couldn't sleep; I couldn't lay on my back. When I showered, it was like hundreds of needles piercing my skin. I almost flaked on a Tegan & Sara gig but I roughed through it, even though it took me an hour to put on my bra, TMI.
I was in pain, even though you probably couldn't tell in the photo but it was worth it! Since that experience, BLISTER IN THE SUN takes on a whole new meaning. 

I thought I was going to be able to endure the pain until I was healed but I couldn't hang. I went to the Urgent Care and was diagnosed with 3rd degree burn and sun poisoning; I was prescribed cream and pain killers. The best decision I ever made.
I didn't think I'd ever be happy with my skin peeling but it was the best thing to come out of this experience.

I try to stay out of the sun but if I happen to be exposed, I'll put on sunblock, with the highest SPF, and if water is involved, I'll try to get the waterproof sunblock. I'll make sure to reapply the lotion a couple of times throughout the day. Hats and umbrellas help.

 Wear Sunblock This Summer: BECAUSE WE MUST!  

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