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I Wanna Be Your Dog

Last night I hung out at my house with a couple of friends. It wasn't planned and it turned into a little kickback. Angel called me when I was hanging out with Ernest drinking a beer; I invited him over and then it was us 3 chilling. I texted Claudia to swing by after she got out of work. Then we became 4 (5 with Missy). Had beers & shots, listening to music and catching up.

Angel and I were talking about how much the The Runaways movie rocked. I was telling him that one of my fave parts was when K-Stew & D-Fan first kissed. It was awesome! All cute with them in their rollerskates but what made that part perfect was I Wanna Be Your Dog, by The Stooges, playing during the scene.

Out of nowhere, Ernest, being the awesome musician that he is, got the guitar and started playing it. Yeah, I got my bass out. "Jow, what are the chords?" "G - F# - E" Cool, only 3 chords with a D & C added in for the bridge. We were playing it, acoustically, when I received a text from Joseph asking what we were doing. I texted them to come over. When ROMAN and Joseph got there, our acoustic set turned into a jam session (plugged in & drums) on a Wednesday night (after midnight). We played for a bit and then went back to acoustic.


Check out this video of us jamming

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