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Vote NOW (Or Never) For Bridget McManus

Bridget McManus is the sweetest, funniest person ever! She needs our help by VOTING for her. Okay, I didn't mean the "never" part but I titled it that way because that's the name of her show: Now Or Never With Bridget McManus. Guess what? We're going to help her get her own show by VOTING for her on Oprah.com and telling all of our friends too.

Just click this
link and you can view Bridget's audition video and VOTE! Ever since I saw the title of the show, I can't get Elvis Presley's It's Now or Never song out of my head. That would be awesome if Bridget covered that song because she has a lovely singing voice.

I actually read the entire "Voting Rules" section and you can VOTE more than once. So please VOTE as often as you can, tell your friends & family, post it on your
FaceBook, Twitter & MySpace, and tell everybody else to do the same. Team Work!

It doesn't say how many times, per day, you can vote but if you love Bridget as much as I do, as Prince would say, "Let's Go Crazy!"


Taken from Oprah.com's FAQs:
How often can I vote?
You can vote as often as you like. We have installed software monitors to prevent robot voting or unexplained spikes in vote activity.

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