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Oh Sookie!

I barely subscribed to HBO this week. I've been a subscriber to Showtime ever since The L Word started and just stuck with that. My friend Angel and my Brother were always raving about TRUE BLOOD but I hadn't seen it yet. Last Sunday we were at my house watching the Tony Awards and all of a sudden my brother got up quickly and excitedly said he had to hurry up and go home to watch the season premiere of TB.

The following day I kept hearing exciting headlines and status updates/comments praising the show's season premiere. I wanted to see it! I anxiously wanted to sink my teeth in! My brother said he was going to lend me the first season but Angel also had it and he and a few friends ended up coming over that Monday and we started our TB marathon. Needless to say, I was sucked in.
I quickly liked the show on facebook, followed their tweets & requested their friendship on myspace. Wednesday night, Angel came over and we continued the first season. We drank beers, though we wish it was Tru:Blood, and finished the season around sunrise. Bobby came over at 4am; he was a trooper because he was graduating later that evening. Late Thursday afternoon I woke up, re-watched episode 12 (to refresh my memory because I had a morning buzz), called Time Warner and ordered HBO. We saw the Laker game and then started the second season. Now, I'm almost done with the season and soon I'll be up to date.
I'm in love with my new obsession and thanks to Angel, I'm a Fang Banger. I now understand what everybody's been lusting over. I can't believe it took me this long to join the Fang Wagon. Also, I think it's so awesome that they film FANGTASIA at Alex's Bar. Alex's bar is dead on! Whoever did the scouting for that location totally nailed it; it suits this fictitious vampire bar for the series. I totally want to stalk all the filming locations.

You have to check out SNOOP's new song!!!

"Oh Sookie, do it in the daytime with the D-O-double G..."

Snoop Dogg - "Oh Sookie"


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Angel said...

I am loving this post x1000