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You're My Diamond Girl

I am in love with Marina Lambrini Diamandis! She is beautiful, adorable, creative, unique, & an amazing singer! Thanks to a cool friend for introducing her music to me and inviting me to her L.A. show. She started the set with my favorite song:

The concert was very entertaining! Marina & The Diamonds gave a great performance! I didn't want the night to end. The "security staff workers" were really rude! I can go on about details but they're not worth it and after waiting outside for an hour, I was able to meet Marina and she was so sweet. I'm such a nerd when I'm an obsessed fan, I gave her my cheesy blinking red light ring the tie I made.

For more photos from the concert, check out my flickr set and in the near future check out youtube.com/TGIblog for more clips from the show.

Listen to Marina & The Diamonds: BECAUSE WE MUST!

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