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Let's Go to the Mall GLEEKS

I knew that gleek filmed a couple of times at the Eagle Rock Plaza, so when I heard a rumor that they were filming there this week, I had to go and take a look. I drove out there with two friends, Liz & Rich, and when we got there, I saw the sign - WMHS (William McKinley High School). Bingo! We parked and went inside.

We get to the area and people were hanging around watching a crowd dance. I saw 2 takes of that and then they took a break.

I asked a crew member how long they were going to film and he said all day. They were breaking for lunch. We hung around for a bit and the crew was very nice.

The glee cast was also nice, too bad I couldn't say the same for their security. Luckily my friend was able to score a photo with Mark and Cory. After she was all shaky and nervous that she made me nervous.

After the lunch break, we still hung around at the mall for 7 more hours. Why wouldn't we? GLEE is our favorite show and it's not everyday we get to see it getting filmed.

All the gleeks were at the mall filming except Amber Riley (per twitter - she has been sick) and Dianna Agron (unknown).

SPOILER ALERT: Kurt, Rachel & Puck were at the mall, top of the stairs - unknown dialogue, when Puck runs down the escalator and goes to this jukebox/radio and hits play. Barbra Streisand by Duck Sauce filled the air and everybody started dancing, flash mob-esque. Kurt & Rachel head down the escalator with other dancers and join the mob. Everybody is dancing and the other gleeks surprise Rachel by being part of the flash mob.

Ok, so I'm totally going to have "Barbra Streisand" stuck in my head for forever.

It was a flash mob. People all around had their cameras & phones out and I assumed we were able to take pictures. Unfortunately, security went around saying no photography was allowed. Oh well, at least I got these few shots.

I had made presents (necklaces) for the cast and I've had them since last year's paleyfest but it's so difficult to meet them because the fans have gleek-mania. Last year I gave Lea & Ryan theirs at The Egyptian Theatre, Jane's at outfest, Matthew's at this paleyfest, and only succeeded on giving Chris & Mark's theirs at the mall. I need to learn how to be more aggressive.



Lindsey said...

In the part with Kurt/Puck/Rachel, can you tell me if Puck/Rachel talk any? Thanks for any info!

StereoStef said...

yeah they were talking but unfortunately we couldn't hear anything.

Larissa Dobbin said...

Whoa, I am so jealous of you! You have seen the Glee club personally! Good thing you have taken some shots despite the heavy security. Cory is so cute!! Haha! Well, that's the only problem when filming in a public place: people will mob them and take as many pictures as they can. LOL!