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Judd Apatow Paleyfest 2011

Freaks and Geeks / Undeclared Reunion

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Saban Theatre in Beverly Hills

In Person:

Judd Apatow, Executive Producer, Freaks and Geeks; Creator/Executive Producer, Undeclared
Paul Feig, Creator/Executive Producer, F&G; Director, Undeclared
Linda Cardellini, “Lindsay Weir,” F&G
John Francis Daley, “Sam Weir,” F&G
Martin Starr, “Bill Haverchuck,” F&G
Samm Levine, “Neil Schweiber,” F&G
Seth Rogen, “Ken Miller,” F&G / “Ron Garner,” Undeclared
Busy Philipps, “Kim Kelly,” F&G
Jason Segel, “Nick Andopolis,” F&G / “Eric,” Undeclared
Joe Flaherty, “Harold Weir,” F&G
Jake Kasdan, Director/Consulting Producer, F&G
Jay Baruchel, “Steven Karp,” Undeclared
Monica Keena, “Rachel Lindquist,” Undeclared
Carla Gallo, “Lizzie Exley,” Undeclared
Timm Sharp, “Marshall Nesbitt,” Undeclared
Christina Payano, “Tina Ellroy,” Undeclared
Jarrett Grode, "Perry," Undeclared
Kevin Rankin, “Lucien,” Undeclared

It was a double dose of fun for the Freaks and Geeks / Undeclared Reunion!! Judd Apatow came out on stage and said that there were going to show an episode of Undeclared and after invite the cast out after for a Q&A, then take a "short break" and then show an episode of Freaks and Geeks and invite the cast out after for a Q&A. We were in for a treat.

Apatow's daughter, Iris, came out to introduce both episodes. Super cute! The first time she looked so nervous but did a great job. Here's the second introduction:

We saw the last episode of F & G and then the cast came out on stage. Unfortunately, James Franco couldn't be present but he sent a little video. It was so crazy seeing the whole cast reunite after all these years. I took a few video clips and will upload them on youtube soon.

The cast stayed a bit to give autographs. I was in the balcony, so it took me a while to get down there. These cool peeps stayed the longest (in order):

Linda Cardellini

Jason Segal

Paul Feig

Busy Phillips

Lea Sheppard (Harris) made a special trip to join the cast.

Martin Starr

Click here to view more photos from the event.

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