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Glee Project's FIREWORK

Today is glee's season 2 finale. I'm excited for tonight's episode but I'm sad that the season is over. Thank God for The Glee Project, premiering June 12th, for keeping me occupied this summer. Even though I have glee's complete first season, first part of the second season and the rest of the season DVR'd, I still tuned into Oxygen to watch the gleekaton. I was also following along on twitter but I think that I was too late for some of the trivia due to the different time zones.

It was fun watching the previews and ads for THE GLEE PROJECT. I knew they were going to premiere a video, of the new cast, but I didn't see the whole marathon because I went to Long Beach pride. I had a little too much fun and was recovering these past couple of days. I'm feeling a lot better now and Gleesday always gets me pumped, so I started reading tweets and following up on gleeks. I saw the FIREWORK video on youtube and I got the chills! I just had to share it.


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