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Best Performance of The Voice

I really enjoy The Voice! It is a great unique show. However, I don't like that some of the "spots" consisted duos. I think that is unfair! A heads of for the next season: IT'S CALLED THE VOICE - NOT THE VOICES. Also, Dia Frampton is cute & talented and I love her just as much as the next person but I'm disappointed that she's on this show; she already has a music career and a fan base. There are so many struggling artists out there and this is their chance!

Anyhow, I'm totally rambling on when I just wanted to share my excitement for TEAM LGBT. It's so awesome that we have 3 family members in the top 8. I'm not being biased when I vote for them because they truly are amazing!

Now, I wanted to share the best performance, so far, of THE VOICE:

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