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Glee in the Flesh

I just can't get enough of GLEE! I went to the Glee Live concert at Staples last month. I was lucky enough to win tickets! Thanks to Glee Wiki and their photo contest, I won VIP tickets!! It was so awesome =). I took my niece and we got to go in early to the VIP Lounge and they had snacks & drinks, including a slushie machine. We were given an awesome Glee Live 2011 bag with a cool Warbler tie, the concert program, a glee tumbler with a straw, and a glee folder.
After the reception, staff escorted us to our seats on THE FLOOR!!! We had the best seats ever!!! Center stage, 4th row!
Once the concert started, I couldn't stop screaming! I was screaming throughout the whole show. The cast gave an amazing performance and I was happy with their song selection. I went to last year's tour but this year was more exciting! The Warblers were here!!!
I was totally blown away with the "Britney" performance by Heather Morris!
The had actual fireworks during Firework!
We were in the glee choir room.
Baby, we were Born This Way!
I have too many favorite concert moments but the one that stands out the most was Loser Like Me. It's an original and the way it was performed, it felt like I was at the theater when they performed it on the "Original Song" episode. The cast busted out the little slushie cups with confetti and threw it out into the audience!
Darren Criss and the guys came out and did "Friday" acoustically. This picture is my favorite because it's hilarious! Darren was fixing the mic and the egg shakers....
Great show, from start to end!

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