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I Kissed A Girl (Gleek)

 I'm a girl that likes girls. I, like many other lesbians/bi-sexual females, get excited when we get to see girly action. Not the "girly action" that lets homophobic guys tolerate two girls together. I'm talking about girls and them having crushes on other girl friends, having girlfriends, relationships, flirting, kissing, holding hands, being in love, etc. The film and television industry has come a long way! To see these actions on the big screen, films, TV shows, and talk shows is very exciting. Over the past decade, there has been more LGBT characters in movies and on TV. I want to thank the glee staff/writers/producers/directors/actors for representing!

"I love girls the way I'm supposed to feel about boys." - Santana 

Song list for GLEE: Season 3 - Episode 7 - I Kissed A Girl:

"I'm the Only One"
"Girls Just Want to Have Fun"
"I Kissed A Girl"
"Constant Craving"

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