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Meeting The Shum

Last month I found out that Harry Shum Jr. was going to be a special guest at This Week, a sketch comedy show about the week’s current events, at Second City in Hollywood. I immediately bought my tickets in advance. Great move because it sold out quickly. The performance was hilarious and Harry was brilliant. It was a great opportunity to see Harry in action and in an intimate setting. I also wanted to give the Second City crew a shout out because they were very entertaining and had me laughing at all the sketches, especially Patricia Villetto. If you’re ever in Hollywood, you should totally check out a performance. 

After the show, I was lucky enough to meet HSJ. He was extremely nice, huggable and smiley. It was a quick hello and a snapped photo. He hung out a bit at the theatre and was kind enough to chat and take photos with some fans. My niece and I were also able to take our photo with Harry. Even though I had a bad hair day, at least it was a good day. 

Click HERE for more photos from this night. 

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