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I Am Number Four

Last week was the premiere of I Am Number Four in Westwood. I got an ad that said to arrive early for the red carpet arrival. How do these kids do it? My feet were killing me! I got to Westwood at 3:30pm and was standing until we went into the theater a little after 8pm. It was worth it though. If you attend any screenings, Westwood is the place to go because you are right there in the middle of it, as apposed to other theaters where the fans are across the street.

Okay, so call me a poser but I didn't know that this film was based on a book series. I was just excited to get a glimpse of filmstars but there were fans there that were followers of the book.

I really enjoyed the movie! I love watching a movie with a cool crowd because they clap, laugh and scream louder than regular movie goers. I was glad to see Dianna Agron in a major movie role. The whole cast was awesome. I've become a fan of a couple of other hot filmstars. The movie was great and it only makes it better when you see it for free and get free popcorn & soda. After the film we went to Barney's Beanery for an after party and I scored with a poster, shirt & beanie. We were even given passes for an advance screening of the film and I gave it to a friend.

is in theaters 2/18/2011.

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