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Bonnie Dune

The new & upcoming band that everybody seems to know is Bonnie Dune. For me, it was by association. I heard that Cory Monteith was in a new band and just had to check them out. I instantly liked them on facebook and friend'ed them on myspace.

I checked out their songs and really enjoyed them and was looking forward to seeing Cory, the drummer boy, in action. I missed their first L.A. gig, due to prior plans, and was going to try and see them in San Juan Capistrano but there was a major storm and couldn't make the drive.

So I didn't think I would see the band anytime soon. I ended up taking a family trip to San Francisco because my niece was going to check out a college. A couple of days before the trip, I saw that BD was playing at the Bottom of the Hill, which happens to be in San Francisco and to top it off, it was an all ages show! My sister dropped my niece & I off and we got to see the band and hang out after.

The band was awesome! I enjoyed their set. I really liked their songs but unfortunately they didn't have any music at the merch table. The guys were super nice =] and good looking ;).

Cute girl after the show ;)

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