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Ze! in Hollywood

The last day of March I went to Hollywood with some friends to Club Booby Trap. We saw ZE!, an electro-pop artist from Malaysia perform.

I kept hearing about her but I didn't really know to expect. We got there and she was tearing up the dance floor. She grabbed several people from the audience to dance with her during her song BOYS I LIKE. It was a blast!

I scored with a ZE! badge for dancing and I also bought her CD =). I've been listening to her album and I really like it! It makes me wanna dance. It's club material, so I hope the DJs around the world gets a copy of this.

ZE! is so GLAM - she pisses GLITTER!!!

Boys I Like from Schlub Films on Vimeo.

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Elissa said...

How fun. I'm not sure I really dig her music, but the energy and rawness is definitely there.