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Gaga 4 GLEE

Tonight's the night! I wish glee episodes were BORN THIS WAY - 90mins. A lot of people weren't too excited about last week's episode but I'm sure they'll be over it after watching an hour and a half of McKinley's finest.

Angelenos, don't forget to watch GLEE at downtown's coolest gleek-spot, First & Hope, for their weekly glee viewing party with fellow gleeks.

Below photo, taken from FOX, is what we'll get to see on tonight's episode. Can you say, "Barbara Streisand?" Sweet thing is that I was at the mall when this was being filmed =D.

Okay, this is glee related; I'm a fan of Bridget McManus, whom is beyond awesome, and in her recent Afternoon Delight, she gleeks it up - lez style.

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