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Let's Go Sexin'

My friend had tickets to see John Waters in person for This Filthy World Goes Hollywood at UCLA. He got an email the day before saying that they were going to be screening the film A DIRTY SHAME and John Waters was going to be there giving a commentary for the film. It was available for students but opened up for people with tickets to his show.

There were 4 of us that attended the screening. The cool thing was that 3 of us actually saw the film together back in the day. UCLA is a big campus and we couldn't quite find the parking lot we were supposed to park at. Half of us went in and we went to park the car. We didn't sit together because it was dark and couldn't see when we got in. It was cool watching the movie and being in John's presence. His commentary was hilarious. I didn't know that we weren't supposed to take photos because I wasn't there for the announcement. I took 1 photo, thank God - no flash, but when I saw that nobody else was taking pictures, I decided not to take anymore.

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